Warriors RP

A Warrior Cats Roleplaying Site


 Welcome to Warriors RP!

Venture into the eight clans to roleplay and make new friends. You must follow the Warrior Code, Site Rules and play fairly as you and others roleplay.

Always remember to have fun and don't be afraid to ask the administrators, moderators and even me, Silverstar, if you have any questions. 

Welcome to Warriors RP, I am Silverstar leader of Thunderclan. All me and the admins ask is that you all be nice to each other and follow the warrior code. Also you have a limit of three high positions in the clans.
Clan gatherings are the 1st of the month and med cat gatherings are to be determined. Data usage resets on the 28th of the month.

new members! :D


Cat of the month:

Congratulate  on their page by clicking the button above. she has done alot on this site to help us out like with the designs and everything. We wouldnt be where we are today without her help.